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After the nuclear war of 2077 - the world was in shambles. Many people died, but many lived: sadly, the world was nothing but a former shell of itself, a desolate wasteland to be feared and respected.

Mutated animals and humans, creatures you never expected could even exist. Many years later and humans are still doing their best. Some of them want nothing but civility, get as much out of life as they can: be good, decent, hard working people - they spend their lives trying to better the world around them, raising Brahmin, making whatever crops they can, becoming doctors.

But, not all of the wastelands are filled with such good spirited people. Raiders, fiends, and damn trouble makers (not to mention the feral ghouls and whatnot). Sadly, those people are the more mild side of the baddies: The Vipers, Caesar’s legion… Better watch your back out there.

Well, at least there’s New Vegas - as long as NCR and Caesar don’t end up blowing the damn place sky high in their little war… Well, it all comes down to you. Do you pledge your allegiance to the legion? Are you taking up arms with the NCR? Or, are you just trying to get by…

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